JOHOR, Nov 17 (Bernama) – Eyap Sabun Malaysia (ESM), a Turkish based company with its headquarters, Evyap Holding AS in Istanbul, Turkey, is no stranger to the oleo chemical industry in this part of the world. ESM has a state of the art and fully integrated oleo chemical and personal care manufacturing facilities here in Malaysia.

ESM which was incorporated in May 2011, has its plant strategically located in Tanjung Langsat, Johor, Malaysia. The first phase of the plant sits on a 22.57ha land and was commissioned in October last year. Currently its production rate ensures high utilization. ESM has the capacity to produce 150,000 tonnes/year of soap noodles , 175,000 tonnes/year of fractionated fatty acids; and 25,000 tonnes/year of glycerine. Majority of soap noodles and part of the glycerine output were meant for captive use – for the company’s own production of downstream consumer goods, while the rest are marketed to their customers to various markets. It is capable to produce all variants of soap bars which may be offered also to the global market.

ESM’s distribution expansion plan has now taken another giant step forward into the European market as it enters into a Distributor Agreement with Nordmann & Rassmann Company (NRC) of Germany on November 17th 2015. NRC specializes in the field of distribution and handling of quality chemicals and shall undertake the distribution of the products of Evyap.